Important Information regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

We are committed to providing a safe working environment for our staff, contractors and clients to minimise potential COVID-19 infection. In order to better protect everyone, and based on recommendations, we have implemented the following:

  • All staff, contractors and clients are to observe social distancing as much as practically possible
  • During client walkthroughs and handover everyone is required to wear a mask unless you have a medical condition that prevents wearing a mask.
  • If you feel unwell or are showing COVID-19 symptoms you are not permitted on-site, in display homes or in our office and you should get tested.
  • If you have been in close contact with someone awaiting test results or someone who has tested positive in last 14 days, you are not permitted on-site, in display homes or in our office and you should also get tested.
  • Staff, clients and contractors may be asked to sign a declaration before entering work sites confirming that they have not travelled overseas in the last 14 days and are not from a locked-down suburb.

Only together can we get through this.

For more updates and advice on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) visit the Department of Health & Human Services website:

First Home Buyer Booster

Are you a first home buyer?

For a limited time, We’ve got an exciting opportunity at Advance Homes for all first homer buyers throughout the Geelong build region.

We’re offering up to $5000 discount* on selected Advance Homes home designs.

But hurry! This offer is only available until October 2018

Enquire now about the first home buyer booster

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Styling your new home

Okay, so you’re a first home buyer and you have just accepted handover of your brand new Advance Home. All the bones are there, you can put the furniture in and start living! But… what about the style? Where’s your personal mojo in the property? Well, we have some tips for that:

  1. What style are you wanting to achieve? IE: Are you thinking you want a modern retro look, industrial, Scandinavian (IE: Ikea look), or perhaps a Hamptons style?
  2. Pick your colour pallet and STICK TO IT. If you’re going to choose a colour theme for your furnishings throughout your house, make sure that it is consistent!
  3. Remember, it’s your space to put some personal touches in it. Be proud and display that teddy bear Aunty Alice gave you when you were 9, or those embarrassing family photos! It’s these items that make a house a home.
  4. New Vs Restoration: Buying brand new furniture can be expensive, so why not recycle and repurpose old furniture and ornaments? It may take longer but it will give your home more worth (plus you can proudly say “I made that!”)
  5. As part of your colour pallet, think about bringing in textures! If you can nail the sight, touch, sound and smell elements of your home, you will walk in instantly relaxed after a hard day’s work.

At Advance, we love our First Home Buyer clients because we get to help them turn their house into their very first home. Contact us today to find out more!

How to throw a house-warming

It’s finally happened; your new home! Boxes are unpacked and furniture is placed in; now it’s time to make your friends and family envious – this calls for a House Warming Party!

Whether you’re a first home buyer, downsizer, or even an upsizer, christening your new crib with a house warming party is essential to the moving in process.

Make sure you do the following:

  1. PLAN: When are you going to have it? Are you going to have it inside, outside, both? Make sure you give your guests a good amount of notice.
  2. INVITES: Social Media Events are the most common – this ensures people are reminded that they have YOUR party coming up. However, a little class with postage invites can really help wow your guests.
  3. BATHROOMS: Make sure they are clean and that the seat is down! Polish the taps, mirrors and anything reflective – make that bathroom sparkle! (and stock up the necessities)
  4. STORE AWAY VALUABLES: You don’t need great Aunt Helga’s vase getting broken when you’re trying to enjoy your night – store keep the precious memories in safe areas. You’ll stress less throughout the party as well.
  5. SMELLS: Prior to your guests arriving light some scented candles so that your house is inviting and comfortable – but don’t overdo it and suffocate your guests!
  6. TUNES: Get a killer of a play list. Something old, something new, something borrowed… you get the picture.
  7. FOOD: If you can’t cook, tonight is not the night to try something outrageous – simple barbecues always go down well because who doesn’t love a barbie?
  8. PHOTOS: Take heaps of photos for the memory books – the best memories will make you smile!

Oh, and don’t forget to actually ENJOY your party as well – it is your house after all!

Co-borrowing to buy your first home

For many young Australian’s who can’t afford to buy a house on their own, they use a strategy known as co-borrowing; essentially using a friend, relative or partner to increase their ‘buying-power’.

When looking at co-borrowing, the following items should be considered:

  • How strong is the relationship between you and the co-borrower?
  • Do you have a contracted agreement that benefits, and protects, both you of?
  • Does your contract outline things like maintence, payment for damage and renovation?
  • What happens if one co-owner want to sell up?
  • Does your contract protect you if the other co-owner defaults on their loan?

There are many pros and cons to co-borrowing, but the key to making it a successful venture is to know and trust the person you are borrowing with!

Point Cook display home now open

As part of their growth as Victoria’s premier provider of best value new homes and house and land packages, Advance Homes have opened a new display home in Point Cook in Melbourne’s rapidly expanding West.

The new display home is currently open by appointment only and offers new home buyers a precise look at Advance Homes standard turnkey inclusions without any fancy upgrades or expensive inclusions.

“We have found that our buyers really appreciate being able to visit a display home and know exactly what they are getting for their money. They realise that the fancy display homes they visit elsewhere are tricked up to make them feel like they are getting more than what they really are and just want to be able to get a real understanding of what their budget will buy them,” says Scott Hunt, Managing Director of Advance Homes.

“Our clients are, by and large, first home buyers and first time investors. They have limited budgets and cannot afford fancy upgrades. So for them to be able to visit a display homes that is pretty much exactly as their finished home will be in invaluable.”

First home buyers and investors located in Melbourne’s West can now visit an Advance Homes display home without having to travel to Torquay.

To make an appointment to visit the Point Cook display home phone Mitchell Saffin on 0437 666 764.

Expensive furniture? I think not.

Ugh! You have spent all this time getting your house built, but now you have to pay for furniture… Don’t spend your first night eating take away pizza on the floor using a cardboard box as a dining table!

When it comes to furniture, especially if you’re a first home buyer that’s low on cash, this is when cheap furniture stores come to the rescue!

See this 12 set piece above, just (drum roll please) AU$799!!

This stunning bedroom suite is only AU$799 again!!

At Advance, we look to make moving into your home as easy as possible with our stunning turnkey packages. If you’re looking to Advance your build, contact us today.

Next land release in the dunes

The Dunes have just released stage 4B, conveniently located near the new supermarket and shopping centre which is due for completion by the end of the year.

With house and land packages starting from $430,000 for FHB, now is the time to secure your future home in Torquay.

Our display home is located at 211 Fischer Street Torquay, and is open Monday – Thursday 10am till 3pm, and Saturday and Sunday 11am till 3pm. Contact us today to find out more!

Torquay display home opens

Advance Homes opened their new display home in the Dunes Estate Torquay recently, showcasing the quality of their new homes designed for new home buyers with a budget.

Advance Homes Director Scott Hunt said this was an exciting chapter in the companies history.

“For the past 2 years we have been operating without a permanent display home. While this has stopped us from providing great home to first home buyer and investors, to have a display home will allow us to showcase what we do to more people,” said Scott.

“Our mix of quality homes, turn key fixed price house and land packages, and budget driven designs, means we can offer a unique product to the new home buyer market,” he added.

Advance Homes have been providing turn key house and land packages in the Geelong region since 2013. Their clients includes first home buyers, investors and downsizers.

“The common theme amongst our clients is that they are working to a specific budget. They want a no fuss house and land package and they want to know that they price they are quoted will be the final, fixed price. They cannot afford to be hit with extra costs down the track,” explains Scott Hunt.

Advance Homes display home is located at 211 Fischer Street Torquay in the Dunes Estate. It is open 6 days a week – from 11am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday, and 10am to 3pm Monday to Thursday. To contact Advance Homes phone 1300 420 080 or go to

Are you eligible for a first home-owners grant

You are eligible for the current first home owners grant of $10,000 if you build a new home and if you or your spouse / domestic partner have never owned property. You must also be an Australian citizen who will be over the age of 18 at the time of settlement or completion of construction who intends to live in the property for 12 months or more.

The first home owners grant was an initiative set up by the government to offset the stamp duty on home ownership and commenced on July 1st, 2000. If you live in Victoria, you can obtain a copy of the First Home Owner Grant application form through the State Revenue Office; however most financial institutions have this information available as well.

When applying for the First Home Owner’s Grant it is important to remember that if you are buying or building a new home valued at $750,000 or more, you will not be eligible for the first home owners grant.

If you, or your partner, have already used the First Home Owner’s Grant scheme and require government assistance in purchasing future property, there are some exemptions allowing for stamp duty reductions. To check your eligibility head to the following link or contact a financial advisor.

Ashbury turning soil

It has certainly been long awaited, but today Ashbury Estate in Armstrong Creek finally started ground works for the estate.

Ashbury offers space to relax with a country atmosphere; they have set aside over 30 hectares of land for parklands and other conservation areas.

Advance Homes offers great value House and Land packages in Ashbury, starting from $320k!

If you’ve got land in Ashbury, or even looking at buying/investing in Geelong’s major growth area; call Advance Homes today on 1300 420 080. Alternatively, you can come visit us at 211 Fischer Street, Torquay.

Buying your first home – Have you considered the big picture?

1. Finance

Okay, so you’re a first home buyer and you’re ready! Well, at least you think you are… Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind when house hunting – or looking to build.

Do you know how much you can afford and are you getting the best deal with your finance? Speaking to the right financial advisor or mortgage broker will allow you to answer the following;

  • Am I in a sustainable job with a regular income?
  • Do I have enough money for a deposit?
  • Have I considered all associated costs such as: legal fees, government fees.?
  • Am I eligible for the first home owners grant?

2. US. 

If you are purchasing as a couple, have you discussed the following:

  • Do you both have the same long-term vision?
  • What location best suits both of your goals?
  • Have you discussed the best way to structure your finances both individually and as a couple?

3. Strategy 

When purchasing your new home, have you considered your long term strategy?

  • Are you planning to live in the property long-term?
  • Is this a long-term investment or are your personal desires clouding your judgement?
  • How will this property feature in your property portfolio in seven to ten years?

Buying property should be seen as a stepping stone – start off basic and work your way up the property ladder. Work out your long term strategy, and don’t let your personal desires cloud your decision making. Invest smart, live within your means, remember that this is likely to only be the first of many. The first is usually the hardest so don’t be afraid to seek the advice of professionals.

Torquay North Children’s Centre to provide kindergarten and family services

Surf Coast Shire Council will seek expressions of interest from architects to design a new children’s centre in the growing Torquay North area.

The Torquay North Children’s Centre will provide 88 kindergarten spaces, maternal and child health consulting rooms, allied health services, playgroups, parent groups and occasional child care.

The building will be designed with flexibility in mind so it can accommodate other uses such as community meetings. The design will also facilitate future expansion of the building if required.

When the Surf Coast Shire Council previously considered the Torquay North Children’s Centre project it anticipated the centre would also provide long day care because of a forecast shortage of places in the Torquay area.

Since then providers of long day care have entered the Torquay market meaning the expected shortfall in this service is now likely to be met.

Surf Coast Shire Council Mayor Cr Rose Hodge welcomed the entry of additional long day care providers.

“It’s very pleasing to see providers of long day care have identified the gap in Torquay and are addressing it with two new facilities. Long day care is not an existing Council service and it’s a great outcome if this demand can now be met through specialist providers.

“This fact means Council can concentrate on providing high quality kindergarten and maternal and child health services – including the expansion of three-year kindergarten places,” said Cr Hodge.

“Our popular Council kindergarten places are already at capacity and demand will exceed supply if new facilities aren’t developed.

The Mayor said the change in scope of the project meant Council could also reduce the overall cost.

“Through not having to provide long day care the centre can be built smaller meaning the total project budget can be reduced from $8 million to $6,775,000. This assists Council to financially meet the need for other facilities, particularly given lower future rates resulting from the Fair Go Rates system.

The Mayor said she was excited the project was moving into the design phase.

“We will continue to work with our advisory group on the design phase and will shortly advertise for expressions of interest from suitably qualified architects.

The Torquay North Children’s Centre will be located on Merrijig Drive, and include 88 kindergarten places; maternal and child health consulting rooms; playgroups; parent groups and education; allied health facilities and early childhood intervention services; occasional child care and flexible spaces for broader community use.  It is due to open at the start of 2018.

Torquay experiencing massive growth spurt of more than 67 per cent in 12 years

Torquay is at the centre of one of the biggest population booms in the country, according to a Federal Government report.

With a population increase of more than 67 per cent between 2001 and 2013, the State of Regional Australia 2015 report found the town had experienced the fourth largest population growth of all significant urban areas across Australia.
Significant urban areas have a population exceeding 10,000 people.
Torquay gained an additional 6880 residents over the 12-year period, from 10,225 people to 17,105.
And the surge shows no sign of slowing, with projections suggesting the population will reach between 25,000 and 28,000 by 2040.
Surf Coast Shire Mayor Rose Hodge said the boom had presented challenges for the council as it fought to keep pace with increased demand for services and facilities.

“Torquay used to have a large proportion of non-permanent residents but that’s really changing,” she said.
“People have wanted to keep the rural, coastal feel, but at the same time we need infrastructure and facilities like paths and recreation areas. Keeping pace with growth can be difficult but I think we’ve done well so far, and we have to keep an eye on the future and make sure we plan well ahead.”

The most pressing current infrastructure need “by far” was a new kindergarten for Torquay North, Cr Hodge said.

The Surf Coast Shire has received a $1.6 million State Government grant for the project and has put aside $4.6 million in council funds, but Cr Hodge said federal support would be welcome.
“We’ve missed out twice on federal grants and it’s a major need for us,” she said.
“So far we’re OK, but we have to plan for the future and we can’t have 200 kids on a waiting list and families needing to go into Geelong.” Cr Hodge said Torquay’s seaside lifestyle was proving attractive to families and retirees alike.
Its increasing size was providing more opportunities to live and work in town, while improved public transport and the construction of the ring road had made commuting to Melbourne for work more feasible than ever, she said.
With Surf Coast Secondary having opened in 2014 and several primary schools on offer — with another planned for construction in Torquay North — Cr Hodge said Torquay was becoming an increasingly popular place to raise a family.
“It’s a beautiful spot to bring up children,” she said. “Everything is here now and the kids don’t have to travel for school.”

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