How to throw a house-warming

It’s finally happened; your new home! Boxes are unpacked and furniture is placed in; now it’s time to make your friends and family envious – this calls for a House Warming Party!

Whether you’re a first home buyer, downsizer, or even an upsizer, christening your new crib with a house warming party is essential to the moving in process.

Make sure you do the following:

  1. PLAN: When are you going to have it? Are you going to have it inside, outside, both? Make sure you give your guests a good amount of notice.
  2. INVITES: Social Media Events are the most common – this ensures people are reminded that they have YOUR party coming up. However, a little class with postage invites can really help wow your guests.
  3. BATHROOMS: Make sure they are clean and that the seat is down! Polish the taps, mirrors and anything reflective – make that bathroom sparkle! (and stock up the necessities)
  4. STORE AWAY VALUABLES: You don’t need great Aunt Helga’s vase getting broken when you’re trying to enjoy your night – store keep the precious memories in safe areas. You’ll stress less throughout the party as well.
  5. SMELLS: Prior to your guests arriving light some scented candles so that your house is inviting and comfortable – but don’t overdo it and suffocate your guests!
  6. TUNES: Get a killer of a play list. Something old, something new, something borrowed… you get the picture.
  7. FOOD: If you can’t cook, tonight is not the night to try something outrageous – simple barbecues always go down well because who doesn’t love a barbie?
  8. PHOTOS: Take heaps of photos for the memory books – the best memories will make you smile!

Oh, and don’t forget to actually ENJOY your party as well – it is your house after all!