Styling your new home

Okay, so you’re a first home buyer and you have just accepted handover of your brand new Advance Home. All the bones are there, you can put the furniture in and start living! But… what about the style? Where’s your personal mojo in the property? Well, we have some tips for that:

  1. What style are you wanting to achieve? IE: Are you thinking you want a modern retro look, industrial, Scandinavian (IE: Ikea look), or perhaps a Hamptons style?
  2. Pick your colour pallet and STICK TO IT. If you’re going to choose a colour theme for your furnishings throughout your house, make sure that it is consistent!
  3. Remember, it’s your space to put some personal touches in it. Be proud and display that teddy bear Aunty Alice gave you when you were 9, or those embarrassing family photos! It’s these items that make a house a home.
  4. New Vs Restoration: Buying brand new furniture can be expensive, so why not recycle and repurpose old furniture and ornaments? It may take longer but it will give your home more worth (plus you can proudly say “I made that!”)
  5. As part of your colour pallet, think about bringing in textures! If you can nail the sight, touch, sound and smell elements of your home, you will walk in instantly relaxed after a hard day’s work.

At Advance, we love our First Home Buyer clients because we get to help them turn their house into their very first home. Contact us today to find out more!